Simon is a UK based artist. He studied painting at Goldsmith’s College London and Graphic Design at Kingston Art College where he gained his degree and later tutored part time. He has pursued an active career as a TV graphic designer working for both Thames Television and Channel Four. Later he established his own design consultancy. 
  More recently, Simon has been developing a strong interest in figurative painting and drawing based around the 18th and 19th century traditions of the atelier system.
  He accepts portrait commissions and produces both still lifes and landscapes.
His focus is on continuously developing his drafting skills while combining them with an understanding of composition, light form and colour to produce dramatic figurative images that go beyond photographic realism. He works mainly in Oils using both alla prima, wet on wet and glazing techniques and in Charcoal on paper.
  Simon is passionate about ensuring that traditional skills are not lost forever amid the current trend for immediacy and non representational visual arts. To this end he is happy to work with people keen to develop or enhance these skills. He also teaches “A” level students from time to time at Waldegrave school for Girls near his home in Twickenham.